About Me

Hello There! I’m Jessica. Welcome to my website glad to see you here.
I am a graduate from Thompson Rivers University and have spent many years writing both for school and personally in a vast array of topics. Which include; Geography, History, Political Science, Criminology and Psychology.
I am fueled by my passion for writing especially when it comes to writing about Finance, Travel and Psychology & Wellness. I am quite adept when it comes to creating easy to read and engaging content.
Let me guess you’re here because you are curious as to how I can help you through my writing with your business?
Blogs and articles are essential to good marketing of your business and to gain crucial foot traffic that can help your business not only grow but become much more profitable!

I can help you by creating unique and eye catching content that will directly appeal to your customers. So contact me today and together we can grow your business!

Random Facts About Me

  • I love birds especially parakeets and have been an owner to over 10 birds over the years.
  • I am from Canada! Surprise, Surprise! Or maybe not.
  • In my spare time I am most definitely watching Netflix. Some of my favorite shows are: The Office, Rupaul’s Drag Race, The Mindy Project and Stranger Things.

Don’t ever let anything hold you back from being the best you!