Diagnosed: Arthritis the Top 2 Ways to Cope

Arthritis pain can come in varying types and affected areas throughout the body and once diagnosed it can be quite difficult to come to terms with your condition.

I myself was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the young age of 20, it began slowly first I felt odd pains in my finger joints. Of course, being so young I ignored it, chalking it off to normal aches and pains of working. This however is the worst thing you can do. Never ignore pains that you are having because that is most definitely the way your body is telling you that something is wrong!

Once diagnosed it can be hard to come to terms with that you have an incurable chronic disease for life. The pain that comes along with it every single day certainly doesn’t help. Coping with a disease is hard and it may feel like no one understands you or the daily pain you suffer from every single day. But there are good ways to help you cope with your pain not only physically but also mentally.

Now although unfortunately there is no cure for arthritis yet, there are several ways you can alleviate and relieve your pain. I personally have found based on experience that they were the best at helping me with the stiffness and pain and helped me cope mentally, especially with depression. I hope they can do the same for you.


1. Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for over a year now and I can tell you it has much improved not only my flexibility but have found it relieves stiffness especially first thing in the morning. The stretching also feels super amazing and you’ll find even if you don’t have arthritis there are many benefits to practicing yoga including building muscle and improving your balance as well as helping your overall mental health.

2. Therapy

The next best thing you can do is not only just allow yourself to feel the feelings you are feeling. But talking to someone about the feelings you are having and the difficulties you feel you are facing today will help immensely. I myself felt very lost at the beginning and felt like no one could understand what I was going through on a daily basis. Seeking counselling will help you better cope with not only your feelings but will help you get through this very difficult phase in your life as smoothly as possible.

Remember even though you have to deal with pain on a constant, it does not mean your life is over. Or that you cannot enjoy the same things you did before. Coping with your diagnosis is the first step towards living your new life. There will be new adjustments that will have to be made, but that doesn’t mean you have to slow down at life. Keep doing you and things can only look up for you from here.

Being positive is hard, especially when you’re in pain every day. But with a positive attitude and having support from your family, friends and your doctor. You will find that your diagnosis does not mean your life is over. This is your new life and there will be plenty of obstacles but you are strong and will get through it!

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